Late Work Policy


Homework assignments are due either at THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD or before the deadline for internet assignments on the day on which they are due.

Late work may not earn more than 80% of its total possible points. So if an assignment was worth 20 points, the most that can be earned on a late version of that assignment is 16 points. However, no points are subtracted if a student earns 80% or less.

Assignments may not be turned in more than three weeks late.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for late work.  The unit outline on Google Drive is exceedingly handy here.

I will not take in more than three late assignments in any given quarter. (For AP classes, two late assignments is the maximum.)

Any missed tests must be made up before school, after school, or during lunch within a week of the missed test.  Students are responsible for scheduling the missed tests.

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