James Couture’s Class Rules 

You must participate in class activities.

Be respectful.

When anyone formally addresses the class, listen.

Do not plagiarize.

Rely on your own thoughts and words.

Do not eat in class.

* * *

No audible electronics in class.

Phones are to be used with discretion, and only for reasonable academic purposes. Mr. Couture will take or ask you to put away phones at his discretion.

* * *

You are tardy if you are not through the door at the bell. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you are counted as absent.

I excuse you. The bell does not.

* * *

Assignments are due at THE BEGINNING of the period on the day it is due if they are on paper.

Schoology, Turnitin.com, and Google Drive assignments are due at the time indicated on the assignment.

Schoology, Turnitin.com, and Google Drive assignments will always be due at 11:05 PM on the day they are due.

I reserve the right to say that any given assignment may not come in late.

If a student turns in more than 3 late assignments in any given quarter, I will refuse to grade their late assignments.

Assignments may count as a day late if they are turned in after an unexcused absence.

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