Unit 6 – Native American Tribal Government in WA

Unit Vocabulary Quizlet


Understanding Tribal Treaty Rights in Western Washington – Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Treaty history and interpretation – WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Map of Treaty Cessions 

Yakama want no part of legal pot market – Newsela (Los Angelas Times)

Boldt Decision readings:

Federal Judge George Boldt issues historic ruling affirming Native American treaty fishing rights on February 12, 1974. – By Walt Crowley and David Wilma Posted 2/23/2003 HistoryLink.org Essay 5282

Boldt ruling to let Natives manage fisheries is still vastly influential, 40 years later – Christi Turner – High Country News – Feb. 14, 2014

THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF THE BOLDT DECISION [read only from “Transformation of the Treaty Fisheries” until the end] – Peter Knutson – Cultural Survival Quarterly Magazine – June 1987

The Boldt Decision and its Impact on Native American Rights – Aurora Asay
Updated 10 May 2016

Backlash to Boldt – Native Knowledge 360° [Make sure to click through to the timeline!]

Native American taxation readings:

Taxing Times in Native America – Gabriel Galanda and Anthony S. Broadman

A Precedent-Setting Ninth Circuit Victory for Tribes and Their Business Partners – Law360 on February 19, 2014

Tribal Gaming (Casinos) readings:

The Myth of Indian Casino Riches – Dwanna L. Robertson – Indian Country Today – Apr 19, 2017


Watch: C-SPAN Cities Tour – Olympia: Boldt Decision and Native American Treaty Rights