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Why the name

The simple explanation is that I like zombie movies and my name is Couture, which means (sort-of) fashion. All the obvious variations with “Couture” were already taken, so I had to find something easy and memorable. The fashionzombie name is

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The Four-headed Web Monster I Love

Thoughts about my use of this website,, Schoology, and Google Drive/Gmail in concert: I’m using a ton of different web-based applications with my classroom, and that is both good and a bit scattershot. It would be nice if I

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The look, the feel – day 2

So I just spent 2 hours messing around with the look and feel of the site. It’s pretty entertaining. Figuring out how parents and students will see and navigate the site is obviously step one. Putting this together on WordPress

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For a couple of years now, has lain dormant. I moved most of its functionality onto Google Drive. However, I did miss having a public version of the website for parents and in general. Most importantly, I needed a

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